Through For Good PGH, we plan to undertake a number of initiatives that promote tolerance and inclusivity, and support underserved populations. 

For Good PGH was born of the idea that our region is full of generous, caring residents who want to do good for others, but sometimes don't know where to start. In addition to our own initiatives, we will facilitate partnerships between companies, nonprofits and individuals who want to do good in their communities. We know that small acts can go a long way towards making someone's day, week, or even year, and can inspire much larger acts beyond anything that could have been anticipated. 

During these tense and very charged times this concept might sound naive, and maybe it is, but we believe that there has never been a better time to reach out and do something positive for someone else. We hope you'll join us. 

- Kristen Michaels & Gisele Fetterman